Personal Branding photography


If you’re always running out of content for your social media, or feel like your space at home just doesn’t cut it as the backdrop for your personal branding photography ( I know the thought of clearing all the dolls and lego away doesn’t fill me with joy).

Then a branding day could be for you.



How does a branding day work?

In a luxury house, staged for your personal branding photography, we have a 1 hour slot to create a bank of bespoke images, tailored to you, and your brand to create those “at home” feel personal branding photographs. You can choose to add professional  make up on the day.

After the shoot you’ll receive 50 digital images, professionally retouched and optimised for web and social media ready to start and add some wow to your website and social media feeds.

You spend the first hour in make up making you feel relaxed and photoshoot ready.

We then spend an hour all to yourself to work on your personal branding photography, taking the pictures that we’ve planned out beforehand. We might use the kitchen for some natural pictures having a cuppa, you might use the terrace for some yoga, or perhaps a nice comfy arm chair for some reading or some work on your laptop.

A branding day is for you if:


You don’t have time to think about planning your social media content a month in advance


You’re always running out of content for your social media


You don’t feel that your house is instagram worthy or reflects your brand


You want a different look or surroundings for some personal branding photography


You don’t want to spend the whole of the day before your peronal branding shoot clearing toys and hoovering


You just want someone to make a personal branding photoshoot easy and painless for you


The Glam squad

On the branding day, I’ll bring along my trusted professional make up artist, Laura. She’ll spend the first half hour or so pampering you and getting you ready for your branding photoshoot.

She’s got oodles of experience painting faces of every shape, colour tones and age.

If you don’t wear a lot of make-up or prefer to do your own, just let me know when you book as the first slot of the day is available without make-up.




1 hour in makeup and dressing,  then 1 hour shooting for your personal brnading in the luxury house.

Zoom consultation to plan your shoot and your props

1 hour shoot

50 digital images web ready

What to wear guide

Add hair & make up




I couldn’t be happier with the suite of branding photographs Lisa has produced for me

She understood exactly what I needed


Upcoming Branding Days:

Location: West Yorkshire

Date: 13 January 2021

Join me for my first Branding Day in West Yorkshire! Get in touch to find out more and secure your place using the form below.



If you have any questions at all or would like to get a shoot booked in, then I’d love to hear from you, pop your query below and I’ll get back to you asap.